Quick News
Mission Statement

First, Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics, Inc. is dedicated to provide “Complete Quality Services and Personalized Professional Care”, to our patients. We are committed to respect those of whom we serve as persons of dignity and worth regardless of race, sex, creed or social status.

Second, to be a leader in our field, with the highest standards of technical excellence appropriate to the needs of our community.

Third, shall seek relationships with other community health care providers, to truly provide the best care for our patients.

Fourth, to treat our co-workers fairly and with respect, so that all of us can enjoy a good quality of life.


Company History

Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics is a family owned and operated business that provides orthotic and prosthetic services to Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana counties of Michiana.  

Robert W. Baker founded Northern Brace in 1971, located in South Bend on South Michigan Street. Within a short time the business moved to North Michigan Street, closer to the hospitals and physicians that we serve. Northern Brace added Prosthetic care in 1985.  

In 1994, the business was purchased by Mr. Baker’s son in law, Timothy West. Since this time, the business has grown each year. This allowed Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics to expand to a second and third location, and move the main office/lab to the Skyway Memorial Plaza.

Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics employees strive to serve our patients with complete quality and personalized professional care.