Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics
                                                        Patient Rights 

You have the right to:

1.Be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect.
2.Every patient can reasonably expect complete and current information concerning his/hers     diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms he/she can understand. When it is not     medically advisable to give the information to the patient, it may be made available to the     appropriate person on his/her behalf.
3.Every patient shall have the right to know by name and specialty, of any, the     practitioner responsible for coordination of his/her care.
4.Receive quality orthotic or prosthetic services and equipment services to meet or     exceed professional and industry standards regardless of race, religion, political belief, sex     social status, age or disability.
5.Receive products and services from qualified personnel and receive instructions on     self- care, operation of products, and your responsibilities regarding orthotic and prosthetic     services.
6.Privacy and confidentiality regarding information and records about his/her care     and may approve or refuse to release information to any individual outside     Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetics, Inc. except as provided by law or a third party     payment contract and in accordance with HIPAA privacy standards.
7.Participate in decision concerning the nature and purpose of any technical procedure     which will be performed and who will perform it, the possible alternatives and or risks     involved.
8.Be fully informed of Northern Brace/Northern Prosthetic’s policies, procedures, and     charges for services including criteria for third party reimbursement and receive an     explanation of all forms that are requested to be signed.
9.Know the cost of care and treatment and receive an explanation of his/her     financial responsibility upon request.
10.Express dissatisfaction and to suggest changes in any service without     discrimination, reprisal or unreasonable interruption of service.